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Frequently asked questions

What services does Ironji offer?

Ironji offers a range of logistics services to facilitate the distribution of goods for manufacturers and traders across Rwanda. These services include:
- Products Distribution: Efficient distribution across Rwanda
- Inter-warehouse Transport: Secure movement between warehouses
- On-demand Transport: Fast, flexible transportation for urgent needs

How does Ironji ensure the safety and security of shipments?

At Ironji, we prioritize the safety and security of our clients' shipments through Advanced tracking technology, Trained drivers following strict protocols, Specialized handling for sensitive goods, Regular performance reporting

Does Ironji provide international shipping solutions?

Not currently, but we are exploring future opportunities.

How do clients initiate returns or rerouting of packages?

Contact customer service or support team to arrange returns or rerouting of packages

What are Ironji's policies around lost or damaged goods?

Protocols in place, includes investigations, insurance claims, and client compensation. Contact Ironji for specific details.

What insurance options are available for shipments?

Available through Ironji or partners. Contact Ironji for details.

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