Products Distribution

We facilitate the distribution of goods for manufacturers and traders across Rwanda, helping them plan efficient movements to and from their facilities.

What is included in this service:

Our extensive network and deep market knowledge enable us to design tailored logistics solutions that streamline your supply chain, reduce costs, and improve delivery times. Whether you need to distribute raw materials to your production sites or deliver finished products to your customers, we have the expertise and resources to handle your needs.

  • Comprehensive analysis of your distribution requirements, considering factors such as product types, volumes, origins, destinations, and time constraints
  • Strategic planning to optimize routes, modes of transport, and inventory levels based on your specific goals and challenges
  • Coordination and execution of transportation and real-time tracking
  • Specialized handling and packaging solutions for sensitive, high-value, or temperature-controlled goods
  • Continuous monitoring and improvement of distribution processes to adapt to changing market conditions and drive long-term efficiency gains


With Ironji's product distribution service, clients can benefit from real-time tracking of shipments, ensuring they are always aware of the status of their orders.

Route planning is also a key capability, ensuring that goods are delivered via the most efficient routes, reducing transportation costs and delivery times.


By utilizing Ironji's product distribution service, clients can enjoy faster delivery times, reducing the time it takes for goods to reach their intended destinations. This can lead to improved customer satisfaction, as clients can fulfill orders more quickly and reliably.

Overall, Ironji's product distribution service offers clients a reliable and efficient way to manage their distribution needs, helping them streamline their operations and improve their bottom line.

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